Saturday 12 August 2017

Russia stands ready to help leaders in Geneva

December 26, 2016

Russia Ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy says his country will be ready to grab a seat at the table in Geneva if the two Cypriot leaders make that request.
Osadchiy, who spoke to Turkish Cypriot reporter Esra Aygin, said Russia is ready to assist based on its role in the UN Security Council, as one of the five permanent members with veto powers.
“If the two leaders decide that the five permanent members of the UNSC are needed, we will have our representative there as well,” the ambassador said.
He added that Russia would not be there for its own interests but only to support the negotiating process.
During the interview, which was published on Monday in daily Yeni Duzen, the Russian diplomat also addressed the thorny security issue, saying that his country supported a formula where neither community would feel threatened in a proper solution.
“There are legitimate points on both sides, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. It is not easy to bridge the gap between these approaches, but we believe the two leaders in their wisdom can find a solution that will be suitable for both communities,” Osadchiy said.
Asked if Russia wants to have any role in security in a post-solution scenario for Cyprus, the Russian Ambassador said his country does not seek any special role on the island.
“If the two communities decide that they need us, then we are ready to evaluate such a request,” Osadchiy said.

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