Saturday 29 July 2017

Turkish Cypriots plan to open Varosha under UN control

Esra Aygin

The Turkish Cypriot side is working on a plan to open the fenced-off city of Varosha under UN control to its legal owners, a senior Turkish Cypriot source said.

Media reports on the issue earlier this week had stated that Varosha would be opened under Turkish Cypriot control.

“That is not true the,” the source said. “All the work that is being done is towards opening Varosha under the UN control in line with UN resolutions and international law. Nobody is talking about opening it under Turkish Cypriot control.”

UN Security Council Resolution 550 of 1984 call for Varosha to be handed over to the administration of the United Nations and resettled by its former inhabitants.

Varosha was abandoned in August 1974 as the Turkish army was advancing.
It was subsequently fenced and closed-off with all access, except of Turkish military, barred.

High-level working groups with representatives from the northern part of Cyprus and Turkey are currently working on devising a detailed plan on Varosha.


  1. "Turkish Cypriots plan to open Varosha under UN control" If so, this is a genius decision. I hope it's true. As usual, Turkish diplomacy is many steps ahead if you compare it with ours (both GC & TC) or Greeks. Varosha under UN control will be a huge step forward for a Federal model, especially if this is combined with the Maronite villages under TC control. I am very sorry i am not either from Varoshi or a Maronite.

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  3. Let us hope that this wonderful news is correct. Famagusta legal inhabitants will return to their derelict homes and this will be the beginning of the solution of the Cyprus problem. Our scared politicians will not take any initiative to encourage such move as usual and the UN and the EU will hopefully solve the problem with or without us. The lucrative " no-solution " industry for politicians and hard core diplomats will hopefully reach the end.